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This walk is for the committed walker who likes to travel light and is comfortable with distances of 15 -20 k a day

Saturday 19/10/2013 Nerezine – Hotel Televrin

Arrive at Rijeka airport – bus transfer to Nerezine. After dinner we sift through maps and put ourselves in the right mood and frame of mind for the beauty of the landscape by watching the most appropriate film enititled “Im Karst”

Sunday 20/10/2013 Porozina – Beli

Bus transfer to Porozina.

Ascent to the abbey from the ferry dock, wander along the hilltops and the Tramontana ravines until we get to the small ancient town of Beli. We stop at the rustic b &b “Tramontana” for the night after having indulged the delights of the local cuisine.

Monday 21/10/2013 Beli – Cres

Past the hillside ) of the Sis (648 metres), through old oak forests, we cross the main road and follow the path along the Western edge of the Cres massif. Parts of the walk are on an ancient Roman road and take us to the town of Cres . We are rewarded by breath-taking views of the island world of the Northern Adria and biblical high valleys with oak populations that have been around for centuries. Transfer and overnight stay in Nerezine.

Tuesday 22/10/2013 Cres – Lubenic

Along the wide bay we walk through olive groves to Valun from where we ascend toward the elevated plain near Pernat, on to Lubenice where we will enjoy the last rays of sunshine before we are picked up and taken back to the Televrin.


Auf dem Weg von Cres nach Valun - Hotel Televrin Wanderung

Wednesday 23-10/2013 Lubenice – Ustrine

Starting from Lubenice we walk the heights of the Halm (431 metres) to Vidovic. We get a clear view of the the Televrin’s very own slope and the hotel itself. On well-trodden shepherds’ trails we walk to Stivan and further still on to our destination of the day Ustrine. Overnight stay at the Televrin.

Thursday 24-/10/2013 Leisure Time – or not!

We recommend a visit of the Roman town of Osor or the island’s capital Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj.

The hard bitten among us maybe lured into climbing the hill that gave our hotel its name , the Talevrin (589m)

Friday 25/10/2013 - Ustrine – Pogana

We’ll walk the last stretch of the island Cres today past the saltwater marches and the dense Macchia up to the lagoon of Pogana passing abandoned villages on the way. This part of the walk demonstrates best how the islanders used to earn their living: sheep farming, forestry and seafaring. We take the boat back to the hotel. Tonight the chef and kitchen staff of the hotel will treat us to a farewell dinner .

Saturday 26-10/2013 - Bus transfer to the Rijeka airport.

Your guides on the walk areKarin Detert and Friedrich Uhrmacher both of whom have been familiar with the islands since 1981 and it was actually them who first introduced the first, then rather controversial, GPS!

For further information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. oder 0049-541 - 681215

Hotel Televrin Wanderung Cres von Nord nach Süd


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The islands of Lošinj and Cres offer excellent opportunities for hiking. Whether guided excursions or extensive hikes - the islands offer an interesting and diverse landscape easily explored on foot.

The hotel Televrin regularly organizes multiple-day guided hikes across the islands of Cres and Lošinj in the autumn.