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Hotel Televrin Losinjski Loger Im Hafen

Dear Guests and Friends of Hotel Televrin,

did you already hear about the large Crowdfunding campaign to save that big, beautiful, wooden, ship in the small shipyard-harbour of Nerezine?

This " Loger ", called " Nerezinac " is 110 years old and the last remaining cargo ship of its kind, a testimony to the history of the island. For decades Nereziner sailors supplied with this type of cargo ship the entire Mediterranean area with oak and olive oil.

The " Loger " is immortalized to the landmark of Nerezine and it is placed in the official seal. Until the end of October the crowdfunding campaign runs to its rescue. The young sailors of the Nautical School of Losinj could learn the traditional sailing on „Nerezinac“. You, as a supporter, and other island visitors might have the chance to run out with a historic sailingship. Become part of the project and help us to preserve this last traditional heritage of the Lošinj Marine. Every little financial support counts.

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