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Hotel Televrin Losinjski Loger Im Hafen

Dear Guests and Friends of Hotel Televrin,

did you already hear about the large Crowdfunding campaign to save that big, beautiful, wooden, ship in the small shipyard-harbour of Nerezine?

This " Loger ", called " Nerezinac " is 110 years old and the last remaining cargo ship of its kind, a testimony to the history of the island. For decades Nereziner sailors supplied with this type of cargo ship the entire Mediterranean area with oak and olive oil.

The " Loger " is immortalized to the landmark of Nerezine and it is placed in the official seal. Until the end of October the crowdfunding campaign runs to its rescue. The young sailors of the Nautical School of Losinj could learn the traditional sailing on „Nerezinac“. You, as a supporter, and other island visitors might have the chance to run out with a historic sailingship. Become part of the project and help us to preserve this last traditional heritage of the Lošinj Marine. Every little financial support counts.

Online payment by the Ulule platform :




For the second time in a row after 2013, our hotel Televrin is part of Quality Selection, an independent hotel evaluation platform on HolidayCheck. HolidayCheck shows hotels that are graded buy their customers with the the highest ratings. Our score this year was further increased to a value of 5.6 out of 6 points!

We thank our guests for evaluating our services and we will continue to strive to meet your needs!

Dear friends and guests of the Hotel Televrin***

Reluctantly we have locked up the hotel for winter and impatiently wait to reopen in mid-February.

Reluctant because we had a fantastic year end - a frosty Bura that came with clear blue skies and sunshine, and as if that wasn’t enough we had our cappuccino on the patio basking in a glorious 23 degrees only days later! Our traditional new year’s ramble for all and the dog took us from Cres along the sea to Ograde, again in lovely sunshine. Smiles all around!


Hotel Televrin Team Silvester 2015 600px wide

Nerezine in winter…

…is ideal to blow those cobwebs away. Let your hair down with the jolly Germans that take flight from Carnival only to find they can’t really do without, they are a gregarious lot! Partying, dressing up, lining the streets to watch the parade of small floats not your thing? Go for long walks instead, indulge in the tranquillity and beauty of the scenery on the paths above the sea and the coffee or hot toddy by the fire upon your return.

We will gladly help with transport arrangements from Zagreb airport. Flights to and from Rijeka resume later in the year.

Looking forward to welcoming you at the Televrin, we are Martina, Martin, Ferdi and the whole team.