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Our new suite - disability access - is now available!





Dear guests and friends of hotel Televrin,

Our best news first:

New apartment:

We proudly announce that our hotel Televrin*** will soon have its first apartment designed especially for people with disabilities. What used to be a business section the right wing of our hotel has been extended and refurbished with a new terrace that is equipped with all necessary amenities for people with disabilities. In this new ground floor apartment our guests can enjoy beautiful views through panoramic windows and a patio that is only ten steps away from the sea.



He is finally here! Full of anticipation the people of the island were waiting for the return of “their” famous Apoxyomenus. More than 2000 years old, this bronze statue of an athlete in its natural size, was rescued from the sea near Lošinj in 1999. It took 7 years to remove an inch thick shroud of shells, sand and sea grass and with the help of modern technology, it has been been carefully restored. Apoxyomenos represents an athletefrom an acient world of sports who is scraping off sweat and dust from his skin. After years of touring a number of different museums all over Europe, this phenomenal discovery got his permanent home in a museum in Mali Lošinj. It was presented to the public on the 30th of April this year. The Losinian Apoxyomenus is one of the best well preserved bronze statues of ancient times.

The menu of Televrin restaurant:
In honor of this hero, restaurants of the island Lošinj offer a special menu “Apoxyomenos Antique Cuisine”offering dishes that include authentic ingredients commonly used in the antique cuisine. This is a creation of our restaurant Televrin that will be on the menu until the end of May:

Menu 1
Marinated and Salted Anchovies with Onions

Roasted Hake Fillet with Olive Sauce and Boiled Vegetables

Rosemary and Almond Cake

 Glass of Graševina (Ilok)

Menu 2
Zucchini Carpaccio with Capers, Marjoram and Olive Oil

Pork Chops Larded with Garlic and Carrot, Served with Fava Beans and Fennel

Carob, Apple and Raisin Cake

Glass of Merlot (Ravalico)


On 18th of March the Televrin screened the premiere of a 58-minute documentary, entitled “Sounds of the Island”. An italian director Paolo Vinatimet with the last island's meh (pipe) player and talked to him about the history of the instrument and the music itself. The movie will soon be released on a DVD and will be available for free in tourist offices.

Walking tour:
After a six day long journey through green-yellow fields of milkweed (spurge) and over forest soil covered with violets, cyclamen, rosemary and saffron in bloom, we said goodby to our hikers in March. They left with tanned faces and lungs filled with oxygen provided by the bora wind. “Inhale,inhale -” our local hiking guide Alan kept shouting at us “you won't find purer air anywhere“


Defying every forecast (even the most recognized nautical apps got it wrong) the weather was kind to us and we were basking in glorious shunshine up to and including Easter Sunday, Even the downpour we were told to expect on Easter Monday, was no more than a light shower. Those who weren’t interested in hiking could spend their day in a comfortable chair and a nice book on the terrace of our hotel..

This summer we can, once again, look forward to our literary reading. On the 25th of July our friend from Austria Claudia Heckl will introduce, on the terrace of our hotel Televrin***, her book called “Whispers”that was recently translated into Italian. Claudia, who has been living in Podol on the island of Cres for the past six years, will read in Italian and German and will tell us “a story about writing letters”. The fact that she has lived and filmed documentaries in Bolivia for 25 years will make for an interesting and entertaining evening..

As in previous years, hotel Televrin*** once again offers a variety of group activity pakages for early spring and autumn:

Date: 21.May– 28.May 2016
For more information:
Iyoga-Schule "Vairagia", Hannelore Voll, Steinsberg 12, 56355 Nastätten, Tel. 06772/964151

Drawing and painting
Date: 04.June– 13.June 2016
This is our fifth in a rowe, french-german painting class with Annette von Lucke. This offer includes a 6-day course with 6 ours painting a day, 2 days off and a final exibith.

For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hiking tour
Date: 29.September - 06.October 2016
”Away from the noise of the world”: Thomas-Morus-Academy

Hiking tour
Date: 20.October - 27. October 2016
„Stone age - Antique - Venice - Habsburg - European Union“
Hiking through old trails of the mediterranean islands of Cres and Lošinj.

For more information:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. 0049-541-681215

Last but not least, we would like to extend our special gratitude to our friend and longterm business associate, Martin Stankowski. He left our team and management at his own request after more than 10 years with us. As one of the three founders of hotel Televrin*** he brought in old and new friends with his endless source of knowledge about the island's interesting facts. With his invaluable input he played a vital role in Televrin’s success and he will be at hand as our counsellor, friend and guest.

Warm spring greetings to all, we hope to see you soon on our beautiful island where a world of scents and an abundance of blooms and blossoms will welcome you.

Martina Pütz and Ferdinand Zorović


------ O-------

mousse of bakalar

tuna tartare

ham rolls with mozzarella

octopus salad

------ O-------

fine pumpkin-carrot soup

with toasted almonds

------ O-------

hake fillet

on steamed sherry tomatoes

with rosemary

Basmati rice

------ O-------


------ O-------

" Dalmatian pašticada "

roast beef

braised in Prosek and filled with vegetables


winter salad

------ O-------

sparkling wine

------ O-------

yogurt - berry cake

slice of baked apple with nuts

and custard


390,00 kn


Live-Music with Trio Apsyrtides

Start: 8 p.m.

Reservation: mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 00385-51-237121  (Marta)





Dear Guests and Friends of Hotel Televrin,

Time out from the Pre-Christmas-Stress:

After a lively season, Nerezine belongs to the locals again. Now the incomparable rest of the island begins.The thyme smells and arbutus lights up, revealing its bright red fruits. During these months, you can experience the beauty of our island with all senses, without having to share it with tourist crowds. The evening is crowned by a menu with freshly caught fish. You can enjoying each other at an open fire or by reading a good book from our extensive library. Eurowings offers flights to Zagreb for already 59 €, with a rented car it is a 2.5-hour drive to the sea, near the ferry port Valbiska. Maybe there is enough time for a, always rewarding, city tour of Zagreb with its nostalgic KuK Charms or a trip to the Nature Park Plitvice with its famous Lakes. Until 01/03/2016 our hotel and our restaurant are open all day.

New Year's Eve

In tradition we will again finish off the old year with culinary delights, live music, and nice friends and guests. A new band, „Trio Apsyrtides“, conyos us with Croatian and international music into the new year 2016. The kitchen endows us every day with wonderful fragrances. Our young chefs are already busy creating the festive menu, which we will publish in the coming days on our website and on Facebook.
For Pre-orders: please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone: 00385-51-237121

New Year Hike

Of course, on 01/01/2016 our traditional New Year's hike held. Join us, you are invited. We start at 11 o`clock in front of the hotel.

Greetings from Nerezine,

Martina Pütz and Ferdinand Zorović