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Massage Pilgrim im Hotel Televrin

From now on and until September 15 the massage practice "Pilgrim" of our loevly colleague Marija is back at the Hotel Televrin. As in the previous year Marija moves her location from Rijeka to Nerezine and into our hotel during the summer months. Her offer of massage, Shiiatsu, pedicure and depilation was very popular with our guests last year and there was every reason for that. We are sure that it will be just as popular this year.

Marija will bei available daily from 9am to 8pm for our guests, to set an apointment you may reach her on the phone  at 00385 917918560. You will find her website (in Croatian only) here: Pilgrim

Hotel Televrin HolidayCheck Quality Selection 2013

Hotel Televrin was selected by, a leading hotel and travel website, to become part of their Quality Selection 2013. The selection is based on the reviews and ratings of hotel guests. Our guests give as an average of 5,5 points out of a maximum of 6 points and 100% of those who rated say that they recommend our hotel to others.

We are truly happy about and proud of this great result. We thank our guests for this reward for our work and we will do everything we can to make sure this positive feedback will keep coming.

Dear friends of the Televrin,

it is difficult for us to find the right words at this time. However, the sad fact remains: Karl-Heinz Pütz, our friend and partner, is dead. He died on February 22nd, 2013, succumbing to a bacterial infection after lengthly and difficult cancer treatment. On March 10th, together with hundreds of friends, we were able to pay our final respects to him in a moving service of mourning conducted in Cologne. His ashes have been scattered over the sea at Nerezine on Easter Saturday. Only now are we slowly realizing what Karl-Heinz means and meant to us. Not only was he the initiator of the Televrin, he also set the pace, gathered ideas, provided stimulus, was ever involved as an active host. He brought the island and its people closer to us, was frequently here, and many of you will have met him in person and experienced his vibrant energy. A great teller of tales, walking guide, cook, vegetable grower, tractor driver, logging manager and much more, is no longer. 'We shall miss him' is a frequently used phrase in connection with the death of a friend, however here it is the simple truth, and we and all of you will certainly feel this in the coming time and then remember our partner. Thus it remains to reflect and pay our final respects to Karl-Heinz.

Martin Stankowski and Ferdinand Zorovic


Dear Friends of Hotel Televrin,

It’s taken a while and some effort but summer has finally made it to our beautiful coastline.

The island presents itself lusher and greener than in previous years, down to all that natural fertilisation and rainfall no doubt.

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The hotel is up and running despite the huge gap that our friend Karl Heinz has left. Mingled with our memory of him we are focused on the here and now as well as the future. Martina has taken it on to join the team and look after the hotel. There’ll be plenty to talk about when one or the other of you will visit and we get together on the hotel terrace, the pier in the harbour or under the shady trees of the Galboka.

And October sees the return of a tried-and-tested ramble on the island: the walk “from North to South” is planned and carried out by the hotel and is hugely successful among our guests.

The guide Friedrich Uhrmacher knows the island like that back of his hand – and he speaks fluent English to boot. There are vacancies, everybody’s welcome – please contact the hotel for more details and to book.

That’s all for now - we look forward to seeing you sometime this summer!

Yours, with best wishes,

Martina Pütz - Martin Stankowski - Ferdinand Zorović

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Dear Guests and Friends,

after our yearly renovations and repair work during the weeks before carnival our hotel is now ready for the new season. You may find our dates and prices for the year 2013 here:

We are looking forward to your visit in the coming weeks and months. More news regarding our plans and programmes for this year will follow soon and will be published here and on our Facebook page:

Best wishes - your Hotel Televrin Team.