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Sea & Mountains

Sea View!

bathing, surfing, sailing and fishing - maritime activities right on the hotel's doorstep. Beautiful walks in the hills around the village and hikes across the island provide for alternatives on land. The surrounding sea always in view.

Televrin – the local mountain-peak

the mountain Televrin (589 m), which gives the hotel its name, is the highest point of the island and one of the most beautiful destinations offering an excellent view of the islands of the Kvarner bay. Numerous paths lead to the summit from Nerezine. The whole mountain range of Osorščica offers numerous trails that sooner or later all lead back to the sea and Nerezine.


he southern tip of the island of Cres offers unique paths and trails. You can discover traditional sheep farming, abandoned hamlets and lonely chapels, ancient paths and meadows, lined by dry-stone walls and partially overgrown by macchia,  as well as an original flora and fauna now rarely found in the Mediterranean.

The hotel Televrin offers guided tours. You will find detailed suggestions for your stay on our site Activities.