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Opened througout the whole year, hotel Televrin has offers even outside of the summer season. We offer space and support for al kinds of workshops and classes, for example:

  • Yoga
  • Painting and drawing class
  • Literary workshop
  • Hiking tours

It is possible to combine organised hiking tours (with a tour guide), through a 250 km long village paths with a tour through island's rich history of thousand years old cultural landmarks or a trip to neighboring islands and the city of Rijeka. Impressive and unique on this island are also flora and fauna. „Aromas and tastes of Lošinj“ is a special project designed by the Touristic board. More than 1200 plant species are found on the island, and around 900 of them are considered to be indigenous flora. Lošinj is also an island of 180 good dolphines and the Institute for marine research-Blue World.

Since 2016, Televrin is member of EBZ's - The European Education and Meeting Centres e.V.,


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